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Experience the latest and best Simcity Buildit Hack!

We just released our newly coded SimCity Buildit Hack, now you don’t have to download anything to generate resources – our hack works fully online, also your phone doesn’t need jailbreak or root. In a matter of seconds it generates for you as much Simoleons and SimCash as you want! As part of our Promotion we are going to let you use our hack without off charge for 7 days! So, be fast as this is a limited time offer!

SimCity Buildit Hack app
  • 24/7 Support
  • Access to the current SimCity Buildit Hack
  • Run on up to 5 devices
  • Access all future security updates


*This is part of our promotion to celebrate the new hack, so be fast as this is a limited time offer only!

EA just released their new SimCity Buildit game for iOS and Android, and it looks like it’s getting popular really fast. So we decided to create an working hack for both iOS and Android. The most important part of this is ofcourse the Simoleons and SimCash Generator, which you won’t find anywhere else. All of the resources you generate will stay in your account, they don’t disappear. We have previously released hacks for very popular games, therefore we know exactly what we’re doing and what infrastructure EA has in place.

Here’s what we achieved by using our SimCity Buildit Hack:


In the screenshot above you can see my account after i applied the SimCity Buildit Hack. It took only a few seconds to get all this Simoleons and SimCash. If you decide to use our hack, then it could be your account with much more resources! I know it’s hard to believe that you really found working Simcity Buildit Hack but it’s time to accept the fact that it’s true! Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that this website and therefore our hack will be available forever and that’s why we advise everyone to take advantage of it ASAP. It’s simply because we could get taken down by EA! Oh, and so far the methods we use did get patched on multiple occassions already but we’ve always found new ways and released frequent security updates.

Here’s a list of all the features currently included in our SimCity Buildit Hack:


The simoleon is a basic unit of monetary measure in all SimCity games. Simoleons can be used in three main ways, to maintain the city, to pay off debts and to make purchases. Simoleons can be obtained by taxes and business deals.Better buildings requires more simoleons, and later on, the player will need to invest money in certain areas, such as population growth, in order to obtain certain buildings. This is why we coded this hack, so that you don’t have to waste time and enough the game!


With SimCash you are able to speed some processes up like buildings and so on. You also need SimCash for certain things from the shop, and the only way to get SimCash is to buy it. But now you don’t have to waste your money on EA and get all the SimCash you need with our online Generator!

Anti Ban

We implemented a Anti Ban system into our online hack, to prevent that your account is getting banned. As the resources stays in your account, there was a risk that EA might find out about it, but we found a workaround. The current banrate is below 0.06%


More features will come soon!

Last few words and more info on our SimCity Buildit Hack:

Safety Features

There also safety measures that although might not be visible they make sure that your account is completely protected and will not be banned. We have a 99.4% success ratio!

  • Compatible with all Mobile Operating Systems
  • Protection with IP Masking via Proxy
  • Trackback info deletion feature

These are the main protection systems we have in place to make sure you will not lose your account by using this free hack. If you don’t over user the Simcity Buildit Hack, everything will be 100% safe.

How to use the Hack

This Simcity Buildit Hack is online which means you don’t have to download any file but simply make use of our online application compatible with all browsers and easily accessible by mobile or tablet devices.

The first thing you need to is click the link on the top of this page and visit the online hack application interface where you can use the app (Simcity Buildit Hack). The first filed is your username, you should put your username there. Then select the resources you want along with the amount you desire to add to your account. The more you choose to add the longer it will take so keep that in mind.

If you get stuck on any field or get confused you should follow these simple steps that will guide you through the process with ease.

  1. Click the button on the top of this page
  2. Put your username on the field
  3. Select the resources you want
  4. Click “Generate” and the hack will start immediately to process your request.

After this small and fast process you will have a Simcity Buildit account with a lot more resources and an easier time building up your city.

Simcity Buildit Hack – How it Really Works

Many people have asked this to us and to be honest we cannot fully reveal how we exploit bugs in SimCity’s servers to get free resources. But since a lot of people ask us we will reveal a little information on how the hack really works. Here is the process:

Once you initialize the hack it will send a request to our server that has the hack, then this server will connect to SimCity’s servers and use a bug to modify the file containing your accounts info adding the resources to it. If although you make frequent use of the Simcity Buildit Hack then they server administrators might notice and ban your account, so don’t use more than 1-2 times per day. This is just a tiny overview of the full way our Simcity Buildit Hack works but it’s enough to give you an understanding of it.